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December 30, 20193 mins read

View whether its on par with remote from glol

When only local HEAD is more recent than remote

1231234561 - (HEAD -> feat/foo) My commit message (4 minutes ago) <Its Me>

When remote HEAD is now on par with local HEAD

1231234561 - (HEAD -> feat/foo, origin/feat/foo) My commit message (4 minutes ago) <Its Me>

Usually, I would have seen it from gst instead where it notes how many commits my local HEAD is behind remote.


  • [ ] shoppertainment — entertainment on shopping platforms

  • [x] adobe experience manager (aem) — its a drag and drop system for marketers or people in a hurry

  • [x] aspell — a spellcheck on bash, it installs a huge library though 300+mb, using it as alias="aspell list < "

  • [x] read huijing’s blog

  • [x] use a better clipboard — CopyClip from App Store

  • [ ] bittorrent symbols

Watch these vids:

  • [ ]

  • [ ] — not sure if free

I always chance upon things that are interesting, but never consistently note them down for reference when I’m free.

  • [x] Google search console

    Didn’t know that there’s a search console, which is similar to analytics console

  • [ ] google’s scrapping page preview site

    I vaguely recalled that there’s google site that provided an interface to view how google’s crawler view your site. Might be education in terms of how your website is displayed on the web

  • [x] shadow Dom: open/closed

    shadow Dom, prevents selectors from selecting them. I suppose it is meant to be used for third party widgets like implement of features. But current it requires quite a bit of work to create them.

    It offers two modes;

    • Open: user can still access it by observing the structure from the Dom.
    • Closed: user cannot access Dom elements from shadow root as it will always return null. But it can access the variables of this components. This if you know what variables are available, you can still reach the Dom elements.
  • [x] Business/ISO week

  • [x] Hamming Weight

    Its a really quick way to calculate number of non-0 values in a series of digits (binary or non-binary)

  • [x] adb -s <DEVICE_ID> <COMMAND> to target specific devices if you have many devices attached

  • [ ] autocannon a program that can spam requests to server

    might be useful for stress testing?

  • [ ] node --inspect <file_name> can open flamegraph in chrome://inspect?

    might be useful for the gameboy stuff

  • [ ] Figma: Their company, products, and culture.





  • Also more about WASM

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